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…or a post in which my blog temporarily turns into a tabloid. I have loosely followed the Duggar family ever since my college roommate turned on the TV in our dorm room and said something to the effect of, “Can you believe it? This family has 17 kids. That is crazy.”

Well, now they have 19 kids (plus a number of grandkids), and everything has gotten crazier. My first thought upon hearing that Josh Duggar (the family’s oldest son) allegedly molested five young girls when he was a teenager was something like, I knew something would come up to destroy that family’s reputation.

The Duggars, from the sugarcoated glimpse of their life that we see on TV, seem to have reached “perfection.” They’ve got fundamentalist Christianity down pat. Their very conservative and controversial views appeared to work well for them. Their fellow Christians want to be like them, and their haters despise them and are now shouting “I told you so” from the rooftops.

Their downfall was inevitable, really. The way I look at it, every family has problems because every family is made of imperfect individuals. The Duggar family has four or five times the number of people as the average American family, so it only makes sense that they would have four or five times the number of problems. Reality TV producers don’t want you to know that, though, so they don’t show all the many issues the Duggars must have to deal with every day.

But I don’t know whether Josh Duggar’s issue is a mental illness, some kind of repressed sexual desire, or a plea for attention and help. After all, in a house with that many kids, someone is bound to feel neglected at some point, and those kinds of feelings tend to resurface in ugly ways.

Anyway, I thought this whole thing was a humbling reminder that nobody is perfect, reality TV is a scripted lie, and the sharks will always follow the blood in the water.

Disorganized Thoughts and Opinions on A Storm of Swords   Leave a comment

Please don’t read this post if you want to read George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords and you don’t want spoilers. Because this post is full of spoilers.

  • All of my favorite characters survived this book!
  • I’m actually somewhat glad that Catelyn died; from the beginning of the series, I never liked her because she wrote off Jon Snow because he was a bastard. But it looks like she came back as a zombie. Ugh.
  • Shae was obviously going to betray Tyrion, and I wish he had realized that sooner, even though I think he knew it deep down.
  • I wanted Sansa to fall in love with Tyrion, but of course, things never end well for the dwarf, and Sansa is way too superficial to see past appearances.
  • Davos’s POV bored me at first, but as the book went on, I started to like him more and more.
  • I’m glad that Samwell Tarly had a POV in this book; he is one of my favorite characters even though his simpering gets annoying sometimes.
  • Brienne is awesome. I wish she had more “screen time” in the book, and I hope she has a POV in the next one.
  • I started off hating Jaime Lannister, but I actually like him now. Still hate Cersei, though.
  • I have never been happier at a fictional character’s death than I was when Joffrey died.
  • I wish Jon Snow hadn’t broken his vows with Ygritte. I sort of wanted to see him as a very pure, honorable person, which he still is, but even so…
  • It seems like Daenerys did the wrong thing by sending Jorah Mormont away. I really want to like Dany, but at the same time, she gets on my nerves because she has so much power and she’s only a kid. I guess I’m jealous because she has dragons, and I don’t. :)
  • I actually like Stannis Baratheon, although I’m not quite sure why. I just wish he hadn’t fallen in with Melisande. (And why does it seem like every fantasy novel has a character called Melisande?)
  • Arya is starting to get on my nerves, and I’m glad she ended up traveling with the Hound.
  • There is a lot of repetition of how ugly Tyrion is, how ugly Brienne is, and so on. We are constantly reminded of how characters look, although I still picture Sansa with blond hair rather than auburn.
  • The character I relate to most is probably Sansa. She’s a bit of an airhead and doesn’t have a ton of common sense, and she pretty much has always listened to authority figures, so much that she doesn’t seem to have a mind of her own most of the time. As much as I want to relate to one of the stronger female characters, I just can’t. If I was a character in this series, I’d be Sansa.
  • Lysa was horribly whiny. I have no idea why she loves Petyr Baelish so much… I find him creepy and gross, but I liked him more when he shoved Lysa to her death.

Scourge of All Writers   5 comments

I don’t normally get writer’s block, and I realized that it’s because 99% of what I write is seen by me only. So there is no pressure, and I can write happily along without being aware that everything I write may be appallingly bad.

But when I do try to write something that will actually see an audience, writer’s block sometimes sets in. I hear the voices of the critics in my head, and I try to critique my work from every angle as it’s being written, which results in nothing being written. And it’s a waste of effort to try and foresee every issue someone might have with what I’ve written, because 99% of the time, any error I have is one that I had no idea I was making. So in the end, I decide to just write and let myself be corrected (and it’s always a relief to have someone find the errors that I am completely blind to).

There are many other reasons for writer’s block, but “fear of the audience” is my biggest reason. Do you know why you get writer’s block?

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