Columbine: Wounded Minds

Reading a post from The Quill, the Key, and the Compass inspired me to write this post.

I was only ten when the Columbine High School shooting happened, and I don’t remember hearing anything about it when it did happen. It was in the years to come that I would begin to know more about it, and would become morbidly fascinated with it. Something like what happened at Columbine could happen at any high school in America (or anywhere in the world, for that matter). In certain ways, Columbine was a wake-up call. Watch your children’s behavior closely. Pay attention to media influence. Don’t go blindly handing out prescription drugs to just anyone.

Thirteen people (fifteen, including the killers) died on April 20, 1999. Twenty-four others were injured on that day. A documentary is coming out called Columbine: Wounded Minds, and its director is Sam Granillo, one of the survivors. The purpose of the documentary is for the survivors of the Columbine tragedy to explain how they have been hurting for the past (almost 13) years. Every day, the survivors have to deal with the pain and stress that come with healing. Sam Granillo argues that the survivors have never received adequate help, and many are still struggling with PTSD. They deserve to have their story told.

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