Lucky 7 Meme

Yay! Seven is one of my lucky numbers – quite possibly the luckiest of all my lucky numbers. But anyway, thank you to Laura for tagging me, and here are the rules of the meme:

Open your novel-in-progress and do the following:

1. Go to page 77.

2. Go to line 7.

3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs as they are written.

4. Tag 7 new authors.

Well, I was going to do some lines from XIII, but I do every chapter on a new Word document, so there really is no page 77 for that one. I guess I’ll do 7 lines from OVERWORKED AND UNDERPAID instead, so here goes nothing.

…cup and it’s over with.”

She handed the cup to Jorge, who started to laugh. Latricia wanted to hit him, but stopped herself. Alyce was hot on her heels. “Jorge,” she said. “Did you see this? Someone put Cash’s coffee cup in the cottage cheese container.”

Jorge laughed too hard to speak. “Did you do it, Latricia? I won’t get mad at you if you admit it,” Alyce said.

Yeah right, Latricia thought, and shook her head. “It might have been Virginia. I don’t think she knows that it’s Cash’s cup.”

Eh, not at a particularly dramatic part of the story. This was actually one of the more comedic parts. But it is what it is – a rough draft.

Now here are the 7 people I’m tagging:

Anthony Lee Collins

Jennifer J. Randolph

Beth Hull

Rik Scott

Ben @ Story Multiverse

Victoria @ Victoria Writes

M. Howalt

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend. :)

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