Caring for Extroverts and Introverts

You’ve probably seen these two graphics somewhere around on the Internet. Perhaps you’ve stared open-mouthed, thinking about how accurately they describe you or someone you know. Introverts, who make up approximately 25% of the population, claim to be misunderstood by the other 75%, who are extroverts. (Quite honestly, I am an introvert, and I fail to understand extroverts most of the time.) Of course, there are probably those who are somewhere in between extrovert and introvert. (And I would consider those people lucky – they may very well have the best of both worlds.) No matter what, these are some good things to keep in mind.

10 thoughts on “Caring for Extroverts and Introverts

  1. This reminds me of some of the training I got when I was a supervisor. The general point, as detailed here, is that you can’t treat everybody the same. You have to (as they said) “flex your style.”

    “Reprimand them privately” should apply to everybody, though.

    1. It’s interesting, because you really do think there are more extroverts around… maybe because they like making themselves known!

  2. I think I was more of an introvert in the past but now am a mix of both an introvert and an extrovert. I like those posters! Great post :). And I agree with your reply above ^, I think we all think there are more extroverts because they make themselves known, whereas introverts don’t necessarily want to be noticed.

      1. I think that’s true of a good portion of introverts. We learn how to pretend to be like an extrovert, but the difference is that for extroverts, social interaction is fun and relaxing, whereas for introverts, it takes a lot of effort. Extroverts recharge by hanging out with others; introverts recharge by spending time alone.

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