Works in Progress

My primary project is the (tentatively titled) Jekuvia Archives, a 16-book YA drama series (with a hint of the supernatural) that follows a group of students through high school and college. Though they’re not Christian fiction per se, most of the novels have biblical themes and most are named after male biblical characters. They are, in the order in which I wrote them: Cain, Matthew, Stephen, Onan, Peter, Daniel, Jacob, Jonah, The Archives, David, Overworked and Underpaid, Samson, City Offline, Jo(h)n, Rafael, and Paul.

I also have a side project called XIII, which started life as a bunch of nonsense from the minds of two bored high schoolers, then became a ridiculously long urban fantasy soap opera involving blood, sex, and alcohol. You can find embarrassingly bad rough drafts of it in various places online, but I would advise you not to look if you want to keep your sanity. :)

Last page update: July 2, 2015

19 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. Hi! This is really neat and very much looks like something you’d see on a bookstore website.

    How did you make your covers?

    1. Thank you so much! :) I try to take my own photos (or use royalty-free ones if I can’t take a good picture), then crop them and add text and other effects on – I don’t use any fancy software or anything.

  2. Hey, Maggie~

    Quite a blogspot you’ve got here… I’m most particularly invested in the cover designs for your books, they’re great, really! And the stories, they stand out differently from your past stories from FictionPress, though they do give off an air of familiarity.

    Really look forward to seeing your works hit the shelves of bookstores, that’d be awesome!

      1. I’ve high hopes for you, so keep at it!

        That said, I’ve noticed your FP writings have vanished into thin air… what’s up with that? I haven’t even got a chance to get down to the nitty-gritty of XIII, much less finish it.

        1. XIII will eventually come back to FictionPress and probably elsewhere on the Internet… I’m getting ready to start revising it very soon.

  3. I like that you’ve defined your goals, and you’re giving the creative process due time to develop and flourish rather than rushing into publication. All the best in these endeavors and beyond!


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