Notebook Review: Written in the Stars

Starry, starry notebook: 6/27/16 to 8/26/16

I got this notebook (made by C.R. Gibson) from the clearance bin at Cato, which is not the type of store you’d go to if you wanted to buy stationery, but I had some money remaining on a gift card and didn’t want to buy another ludicrously overpriced top, so I chose something more practical: a notebook.

The band around the front is for holding pens, folded sheets of paper, and even a cell phone or small tablet, so that was a nice feature, although I could not find a way to take the band off without destroying the notebook. Speaking of destroying the notebook, it more or less destroyed itself because the spiral binding was not properly attached, so the back cover was halfway hanging off. After fixing it several times and having it break each time, I eventually gave up. That’s what you get when you buy something from the clearance bin, I suppose.🙂

The pages are lined, which is always nice, and the same star pattern on the front cover was repeated on the margins of the pages. However, the margins and lines were fairly wide, so I was able to write about four pages per day in the notebook, whereas with most notebooks I only write about one page per day. So I filled the pages in about two months.

Would I recommend this notebook? Not really, unless you’d find the cell phone holder band useful and if you’re very attached to spiral binding.

The Thursday Three #28

  1. I don’t know why I feel compelled to apologize for talking about my faith on my own blog, so I won’t apologize. But I will warn my readers that many of my posts in the upcoming months may deal with religious or spiritual matters, so if you don’t care for that or if my faith is not your cup of tea, you now know to scroll very quickly past my posts when they appear in your reader.🙂
  2. The spirit of Mother Teresa has been following me around lately. It seems like everywhere I go, I hear about her, probably because she is going to be canonized as a saint on September 4 this year. Definitely a cause for celebration! My current favorite quote from her: “I’m just a little pencil in His hand.”
  3. Sometimes when you’re going through life at breakneck speed in a frenzied rush to meet whatever deadlines the world imposes on you, you no longer truly see anything in the real world. This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to look at the shrubs in front of my house and notice this little guy (no longer than 2 inches, tail included):


Musing in 100 Words

Kind of a prose poem thingy I found:

I dreamed that I wrote a poem for her. I wrote about her flaxen hair, her eyes that she thought were green but were really the gray of faded denim. Her slender limbs that looked like they had been cut from paper at harsh angles. Her teeth that she never revealed when she smiled. She is the symbol of something I have kept close to my heart for the longest time, and I don’t understand. I don’t love her as one would care for a lover or a friend. She should mean nothing to me, but I can’t forget her.

June 29, 2014