Hating Some Characters

In the course of writing my NaNoWriMo novel, I have come to the conclusion that I hate two of the characters in it. It’s fun to write about them because they drive the other characters crazy, add more drama, and thus make everything more interesting. But I hate them. I can’t wait until the moment when I can safely kick them out of the story or kill them off.

Kathie Fay is your typical hypocrite. She does one thing and says another, and the worst part is, she doesn’t even realize she’s doing this. Other characters point her hypocrisy out to her, and, blind to her own flaws, she dismisses it. She believes she is innocent because of her cute outward appearance and how she can use that to get her way. Well, I’m the author, I rule, and I say that she will eventually get her just desserts for being deceitful and manipulative. What’s weird is that at first, I didn’t want her to be a hateful character, but she slowly evolved to become that way. It’s interesting how some characters can take on a life of their own.

And then there’s Scott, Kathie Fay’s boyfriend. He’s completely under her spell – metaphorically speaking (there are no fantasy elements in this novel). That’s what annoys me about him. He doesn’t have a life of his own, and Kathie Fay is slowly alienating the few friends that he has. I hope he wakes up and realizes that she’s using him, but I don’t think he will. Scott is the type of guy who would die for this girl he thinks he loves… and his death would be totally in vain. Maybe I’ll have that happen in the story.

Even though these two characters are driving me and the other characters nuts, it’s fun – and it’s giving me a good word count.

Are there any characters in your stories that you love to hate?

13 thoughts on “Hating Some Characters

  1. I have one character who is a total sleazeball, but I’m secretly in love with him. It’s shameful, really.

    Kathie Fay sounds awesome! And her poor, poor boyfriend.


  2. Well written, Hating your character’s can be a good thing people have conflict so should your writing, your never want your characters to just agree with everything you say it makes them fake and dull, . I Think having schizophrenia helps to be a better writer, I’ll look into it.


  3. Its kind of like the movie Mean Girls. The popular girl played by Rachel McAdams we loved to hate, charmingly despisable. Liked her evil, snotty character…but was glad when she got hit by a truck in the end 🙂


  4. Wow, just noticed your NaNo count and you are way ahead of the game (I’m just on target). Do you plan to edit this and pursue it? I’m not sure if I’ll pursue or edit mine (I kind of jumped into and it is a huge mess). But its at least forcing me to write daily and get into the rhythm.


  5. In the sequel to my novel, FIVE (cleverly entitled SIX) I have a psychopath name of Richard Ryder. He talks to cars, and if they don’t answer him, he wrecks them furiously. He’s a very scary guy, and I should hate him, but he’s one of my all-time favorite characters. Why? Mostly, because he is totally unbound by modern civil convention.


  6. I had a character in one story who was really annoying. She couldn’t understand any way of life but her own, and was always making it clear that nothing was measuring up to her standards. I resisted scoring easy points off her, though (some laughs, yes, but not cheap ones), and she did have a moving moment at the end (she was the mother of the murder victim), Even a character who’s annoying, you still have to try to treat them fairly.


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