Accept What Comes

I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason, whether that reason will ever become known to us or not. A lot of things are not meant for us to ever find out. Yes, we can speculate about them and think about them as long as we like, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever become clear.

We are the way we are for a reason. When we were conceived, we were each given a handful of talents and a handful of flaws. We were given things to make our lives easier, and we were given things to make our lives challenging. Our combination of flaws and talents is different from anyone else’s. In a way, I think we were put on Earth to help each other and to support each other. We may be talented in one area, and we should use our talents to help others who may not be so good in that area. 

It’s important to accept yourself the way you are and to accept your path in life. There are times when you may get confused about where you’re headed, and it may be hard to accept that everything is going in the right way. Faith is a difficult matter. It’s hard to have faith in a deity or in another person. Sometimes it’s even harder to have faith in yourself. Accept that you are human, and at some point in your life, you will inevitably fail. Although it’s a cliche, it’s very true: how you handle failure is a measure of what kind of person you are. 

I know there’s not really any point to this post; I just thought of it because I was looking back through some old journal entries in which I was worrying about the future, and now everything turned out OK, so all that worrying was for nothing. Basically, the moral of the story is: Accept your life and have faith.

6 thoughts on “Accept What Comes

  1. I enjoyed this post very much, it’s sort of a more detailed version of what I tell myself every-other-day. (:


  2. Aha .. i agree with you .. “everything happens for a reason” … there is a great power whos rule everything in the world … thats our god…



  3. It’s all very true. And I can’t stress enough on how correct I think you are when you say that everything happens for a reason. Great post :).


  4. To truly help others we do need to accept ourselves first…it’s very difficult but so rewarding! 🙂 I have trouble with this one because I always want to help everyone else but myself. It’s a work in progress though!


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