WiP Update

To be quite honest, I haven’t made as much progress on my WiPs as I would like. XIII is getting a pretty big overhaul (at least for me it feels big). Parts of the very long outline that I wrote for it in December are getting rewritten (with the help of my boyfriend, who actually started the whole crazy idea for the story in the first place), and it’s actually a bit painful because I was so attached to the outline as it was… oh, well. Murder your darlings and all that. I love XIII and it has always (even when I claimed to hate its guts) been my favorite WiP, probably because I’ve worked on it so long.

As far as I can tell, I’m still going to do Camp NaNoWriMo in August. I have my idea, but I need to create a basic outline and character list. And a soundtrack. The soundtrack for June’s Camp NaNo helped me out immensely, and I figured out a trick. The soundtrack needs to consist of songs that I have not heard before – that way I only associate them with the story, and not with anything else.

I said I was going to revise THE ARCHIVES, but I think I have editor’s block, because every time I look at it and flip through it, I end up putting it down. I can’t bring myself to read it over and even do something as simple as make a list of things I’d want to change. Not that it was a bad story, but I like it so much I don’t want to change it. Another case of my own reluctance to murder my darlings, I suppose.

And that, my dears, is something I need to get over. But aside from that, the writing is going pretty well. I’m getting ideas and my stories are simmering in my head, which is always good. There have been times when my brain has been empty of ideas, and those were quite lonely times.

7 thoughts on “WiP Update

  1. Hooray for the simmering ideas! I’ve been lucky enough to have them, too. My only regret is not enough time to sit down and hammer them out. I hope you’re able to bring yours to fruition! (That’s some mixed metaphors for ya.)


  2. Stories waiting to be told are great company, especially on car rides! One of the things I miss most about not going on my writing retreat this year is the long trip there and back.


    1. I go with what people recommend to me, or look up songs I haven’t heard by artists that I already know… and yes, go to YouTube and Pandora.


  3. I think when a project feels wrong, its the wrong time to edit it. It’s better to wait until the time is right and work on something else instead. Or maybe it’s fine the way it is and doesn’t need any editing. Not all darlings deserve to be killed, after all. 🙂


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