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From what I understand, New Adult fiction is a relatively new genre that St. Martin’s Press came out with in 2009. The genre is supposed to include books about 20-something youths who are coming of age, and is marketed toward the 14-35 age group. Without even having read a single novel in the NA category, I have to say that I’m a fan of this new genre.

“Post-adolescents” or “new adults” are still in the transition phase. I’d say that it’s just as hard to make the change from elementary to high school as it is to make the change from high school to college or college to adulthood. You don’t just wake up the day after you graduate college and know exactly what you’re going to do and how your life will play out. After all, there is a such thing as the quarter-life crisis and it’s very real, so it’s about time there is a genre of books with characters in that age-range.

I think the NA genre will be good for those who perhaps have stopped reading fiction after they’ve finished college, and it’ll be nice for those who feel like they’re a bit too old for YA, yet find characters in the “adult” genres difficult to relate to.

Have you read any NA fiction? What do you think of the genre?

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  1. I actually really love the idea of New Adult Fiction. I don’t understand the vitriol towards it from so many people. I think the first mistake people make is confusing it with a genre – it’s not a genre so much as an additional categorization. Rather than look at it as a new topic for people to write about, look at it as a way to re-categorize what is already on our shelves and help people who are ALREADY writing about protagonists 18-25 years find a place for their book in the market. It seems strange that right now our shelves categorize books for for the very specific age group of 12-16 year olds and then…everyone else? 17-40? To 50 or 60? How am I supposed to find books about protags my age in the huge pile?


    1. That’s definitely true; there are a lot of books out there with 18-25 year old protagonists that get lumped into some other category, but now they get their own. It’s nice.


  2. I hadn’t heard of this new genre until now. Sounds right up my alley and I’m going to look up New Adult Fiction to see what books are out there. You got me all excited about this. Thanks!


  3. I’ve read a couple of blog posts by New Adult writers, and they were a bit peeved that the term “young adult” was already taken. After all, these books_are_ about young adults (high-school-age people aren’t any kind of adults, not in the developed world in this century).

    I’ve never sought out books based on age — I just look for stories that sound interesting (and things that are out of copyright and cheap on Amazon 🙂 ). When I was young, most of the books I read were about adults. My current favorite movie is about pre-teens.


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