What’s in My Makeup Bag? Hardly Anything!

A post where I totally deviate from writing about anything I normally write about! (After all, it is the “end of the world.”) I watch Brittani Louise Taylor on YouTube, mostly because she is so upbeat and positive all the time, and from what she says in her videos, she seems to have a lot of the same values I do. However… she has about a million more makeup things in her bag than I ever will. I am not a makeup person. At all. I never have been… but I wanted to copy her vlog idea, so here’s what’s in my bag…

-one Venus razor

-two pairs of tweezers

-a little tiny key to my jewelry box

-a blue hair tie

-moisturizing face cream (I rarely use it)

-a stick of black eyeliner (not liquid eyeliner; I can’t be bothered to figure out how to use that)

-lipstick called “Jewels ‘N Berries” (also rarely gets used)

-black mascara (also rarely gets used)

-blemish treatment (what I like to call “zit cream”)

-tube of clear lip gloss

-a little bottle of perfume called “Midnight Path”

-two pairs of nail clippers

-a stick of concealer

I’d say the makeup item I use most is lip gloss… and I always get the clear kind. I don’t know why; I guess it’s just easier.

If you wear makeup… what makeup/skin care item do you use most? Or do you hate makeup like me?

5 thoughts on “What’s in My Makeup Bag? Hardly Anything!

  1. I’m male so don’t wear make-up (but for those who do – awesome). However I do like to have Vaseline or some sort of lip balm as my lips get dry very easily.


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