2012 Taught Me…

Now is the time when we turn to the new year with anticipation and look back on the old year, recalling the times we succeeded, the times we failed, and all the times in between.

When you’re a child, time seems to go by so much more slowly than it does when you’re an adult. The past couple of years, Christmas was bearing down upon me before I knew it, and I mentally compared it to memories of waiting ages and ages for Christmas when I was a child. Time’s passage really is relative to our phase in life.

Anyway… the main lesson I got from 2012 is this: Humility.

Recognizing that you are only one person and that you cannot do everything all by yourself is hard. I consider myself an independent person; I don’t like to ask others for help or admit that I need others. It has to do with pride. I’ve been told that I am a smart person. Sometimes my “intelligence” turns me into a rather arrogant person, and I need to be cut down to size a little bit. It’s good (but also painful sometimes) to realize that doing a certain thing or believing a certain thing doesn’t make you better or worse than anyone else.

The opposite of pride is humility, and like all virtues, it’s not something that you magically attain when you reach a certain age. You have to keep reminding yourself to be humble, and the hardest part is that you may not realize you’re being prideful or arrogant until someone calls you out on it or until you seriously hurt someone’s feelings.

I learned many other lessons from 2012, but I think that was the most important one and the one that I will continue to learn throughout my life.

6 thoughts on “2012 Taught Me…

  1. I’m always reminding myself to do certain things or act in a certain (better) way. I guess you learnt from your mistakes – that’s the best way!


  2. It happens to me too, but it is not always arrogance as much as (a somewhat excessive) self-confidence, at least, as I see it.

    What I learnt this year is that we are living in times of vertigo and that this vertigo is killing us: it doesn’t let us think, it doesn’t let us plan, it doesn’t let us admire, it just consumes us.


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