Songs of the Week

Here’s what I’ve been  listening to lately.

1. Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar

It’s a drinking song. I am the biggest teetotaler I know. Why do I like the song? It’s fun and gets stuck in my head.

2. Amon Amarth – Aerials

My brother introduced me to this System of a Down cover the other day. Not bad, Amon Amarth. Not bad.

3. BarlowGirl – Pedestal

I love this band. I wish they were more popular. Their music, not Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, is what young girls need to hear nowadays.

4. Eths – Adonai (French version)

When I realized their lead singer was leaving, I got seriously upset. This is the first single from their last album with “Candice Clot.”

5. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart (the looong version)

Yeah, it’s cheesy. I used to hate this song and all 80s music. No more.

6. Nat King Cole – Goodnight, Irene

I was flipping through one of my mother’s books and it had some lyrics from this song. I have a character named Irene, so I was interested.

7. Three Days Grace – Life Starts Now

Most of Three Days Grace’s songs make me upset, but this one doesn’t. Again, it reminds me of one of my characters (Virginia).

8. Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

The video has too many people in their underwear, but the song should have been my anthem in high school.

So what’s your favorite song of the week?

3 thoughts on “Songs of the Week

  1. Gaah!

    (I’m one of those who can’t stand Total Eclipse of the Heart. It’s up there with Making Love out of Nothing at All in my most-hated list — even above that song from Titanic, the version with the dialog from the movie.)


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