Has Anyone Used this Editing Software?

I heard about this editing software at work and I wanted to see if anyone has used it before and if it’s any good. Editor is created by Serenity Software and is supposed to be far, far superior to Microsoft Word’s grammar check because it will help you fix issues like this: I had beats for dinner last night and The Founding Fathers wanted a peaceful community. I think it’s obvious what’s wrong with the first one, but the second one… Editor seems to think “Founding Fathers” is gendered language and wants you to change it to “original settlers,” “colonists,” or “founders.” Puke. I wouldn’t change that. Political correctness gets on my nerves.

Rant aside, Editor looks like it would be pretty neat. It compares words and phrases in a document to a database of potentially problem terms and offers suggestions for you to fix the issue. Unlike Microsoft Word or any other word processing program, it doesn’t go over every single typo in your manuscript and recommends that you use spell check first.

There’s a free 10-day trial. Why not check it out? I might, if I have a bit of free time this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Has Anyone Used this Editing Software?

  1. Hi. I’m a codeveloper of Editor, and I want to assure you and your readers that you can tell the program to shut up about gendered language, or any others among 50 analysis categories, by clicking a box on its Preferences screen. Editor won’t replace a human editor, and it doesn’t try to fix simple spelling problems that you should first use Word’s excellent spell-checker to fix, but it will find surprisingly many things to query in your writing. We hope you do try the program, and let us know if you have questions.


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