Upon the Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

The mainstream media don’t particularly care for Roman Catholicism. So I wondered what kind of speculations would come out of the news of Pope Benedict’s resignation. The Antichrist is coming and the Pope knows he isn’t strong enough to face him in the final epic battle for the souls of the world’s people. The Pope could no longer handle the allegations and accusations of child abuse and pedophilia. The Pope is a Nazi… I think we’ve all heard those kinds of things. But there doesn’t always have to be some dark, sinister reason for resignation. Perhaps he knew he was getting older, frailer, and less mentally sound, and he wanted to resign before his condition worsened.

After all, he is 85. Not too many people could run a country (yes, the Vatican is technically an independent state) at that age. I wouldn’t even have the energy to do something like that and I’m young enough to be the Pope’s granddaughter.

And of course, there’s all the speculation about who the next Pope will be. Some are saying he will be from Africa or one of the Latin countries. Others hope he will be Italian, as most of the past popes have been Italian. Some hope the new pope will be far more progressive than Benedict XVI, and others hope the new pope is conservative.

No matter what happens, or who the next pope will be, I will remain Catholic until my dying breath, and even after that.

3 thoughts on “Upon the Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

  1. Hi Maggie. I’m Joel. I know I haven’t made any comments before, but I subscribed to your post a while ago. Even though I always see the titles you present, I only sometimes get a chance to read your blog-post for the day. So far, I don’t think anyone has posted any comments, but I just want to say that I am in FULL agreement with you.

    I’m also a very devout Roman Catholic (was baptized three years ago), and I also intend to stick with my faith no matter what. No matter how much speculation the Catholic community gives to this incident, I think people just don’t want to accept that being Pope is, well, like being POTUS times 3 (I mean…it’s 1.2 billion people).

    Anyway, I also just want to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, and based on what I’ve seen, I know you’ll continue giving all of us this insights for a while to come.

    Enjoy Fat Tuesday(…or not) 😀


    1. Hi, Joel! Thank you for the comment. I agree. I don’t think anyone particularly wants a religious leader as a major world authority.

      Happy Lent! 🙂


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