Journey of Lent

Another Lent begins, and again, I find myself looking forward to my self-imposed serenity. As I have done every year for the past 10 years (has it been 10 years already?), I am giving up music. That means no Pandora, no Spotify, no YouTube, no radio, no CDs, none of that. It gives me more time and mental space to think, and it also stops me from getting bored with certain songs.

This Lent, I’m also reducing my time on the Internet. So I won’t be on Twitter or Tumblr and I won’t randomly surf around looking for distractions from things I should be doing. That’s going to be a hard one; I have never reduced my time on the Internet before, either for Lent or any other reason, and that should hopefully make me a more serene, happy, and less distracted person.

To me, the basic point of Lent is purifying yourself — or ridding yourself of the things you feel distract you from prayer or from a more contemplative, thoughtful life. Lent is a time to be mindful of your sins and consider what you can do to be better. All in all, it can be a productive time. So the “barrenness” of Lent is not all that bad. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Journey of Lent

  1. No when I think about it, who couldn’t use a little more “bareness” in their lives. I have not heard of anyone giving up music but it seems apropos when considering all of the noise in our lives that keeps us from God.


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