The Obligatory Relationship Post (Because It’s St. Valentine’s Day)

This is not a post in which I lament my relationship status, like a lot of St. Valentine’s Day posts. I’m to the point where I believe having a romantic relationship would be more of an annoyance than a pleasure, so I’m going to write about something that’s becoming more and more common these days: online relationships. Two people meet online then meet in real life or the two people conduct their entire relationship online and never meet in real life.

I don’t know whether online relationships are a good or a bad thing; I suppose they have their good and their bad points just like regular relationships. They are definitely more accepted now than they were ten years ago. Ten years ago, if you were to go out on a date with someone you met online, everyone would freak out and worry that you were going to end up stabbed or raped in a back alley somewhere. Nowadays, we have Skype and Facebook and all different ways of finding out about a person without ever meeting them, so you can at least see their face and know a little more about them before you take the tremendous leap of going on that first date.

People today seem more savvy about the potential dangers and hazards of online dating. But my big worry is that we might forget the importance of having normal, face-to-face relationships that don’t consist of texting and phone calls and Skype. Online relationships might be a “path of least resistance” for those who do not have time or energy to invest in actually getting in their car and going places where they could meet people in real life. Or online relationships could be great for shy people or introverts who aren’t as inclined to go out in person.

Overall, I guess it depends on the two people involved… just like any other relationship. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “The Obligatory Relationship Post (Because It’s St. Valentine’s Day)

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.

    My last girlfriend and I met online, on an email list, then we chatted online and talked on the phone (a lot). Then we met at a dinner with some other people from the list. This was more than ten years ago, so it was still in the “This is risky and scary” era that you talk about.

    And, even when it became a “real” relationship, it was still mostly online, because we lived in different cities.

    I’m kind of in the same place as you about relationships. When I talk about my “last girlfriend,” as I did up there, people think I mean “most recent,” but I mean there may not be another. 🙂


  2. I met my husband online. We talked for 6 months on the phone hours a day until finally we were able to meet up. At the time we lived on opposite coasts of the US, so it was a challenge. A little while after that I moved to the west coast, and haven’t looked back. Best decision I ever made.


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