City Offline

What if, for one day (or one week or one month or whatever), there was no Internet access in your city? Not even wireless. What would you do?

Some people might go into the next city to get Internet. Some people might stay in bed all day. Some people would have a meltdown. Others might shrug and go on with their lives. Internet wasn’t all that important to them anyway. Maybe people would go outside, take a walk, get some exercise. Perhaps they’d spend some face-to-face time with people instead of relying solely on the Internet for human interaction.

Without the Internet, your world and life may be limited in some ways, but in other ways, things could really open up… even just for a day.

Just something I’ve been thinking about. 🙂

10 thoughts on “City Offline

  1. I have no doubt we will see this happen in the next 5 years or so. It may be a local problem, but it could be nation- or world-wide. The world will change mightily in moments. It won’t just be you and me having problems, our whole infrastructure will break.

    As a writer I can write off line. I can write by hand if I can’t get my computer to work.

    Sure hope it doesn’t happen, though.


  2. As you know, I write about a world with no computers and no cell phones. Which is the world where I’ve lived most of my life. It’s nice to go back and visit that world for at least a few minutes each day, to remind myself that everything worked just fine.


  3. I think I’d go nuts! Eventually, I’d calm down and enjoy a good book. But the next day, when my internet service resumed, and I realized that nobody had missed my internet presence, I’d grudgingly admit that life could go on, even if I wasn’t glued to the internet 🙂 Unfortunately, I doubt I’d learn from the experience!


    1. Yep, the world goes on… and most people don’t pay as much attention to others on the Internet. I’ve found it can be a very self-centered place.


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