The Friday Four

Usually, I think it’s called the Friday Five, but I couldn’t think of a fifth thing, so here are four random things in no particular order:

1. Since I cut down on my Internet time for Lent, I have been spending my lunch breaks looking through old story drafts rather than mindlessly surfing the Internet. Looking through these old stories reminded me of where I want to go with the characters and the drafts, and that made me happy.

2. I am reading an excellent book called The Vision of the Anointed. My brother received it as a gift some years back and it was collecting dust in his room until I picked it up and thought it might be interesting. Practically every sentence of this book has me nodding my head in agreement, and that’s not something I can say for many books.

3. As for XIII, I’m still in a serious debate with myself as to how I want to proceed. I’m still in the “write the final draft” stage, but I’m wondering exactly how much I should cut when it comes time for editing. I need to figure out how to not think so far ahead on this one and keep taking just one step at a time.

4. I actually watched a movie this week! It was The Crow (1994), and that was what spawned my hero/antihero post. I more or less liked everything about the  movie, except there were some parts that seemed to cliche and overdone. I guess that’s the case with all action movies, though.

How’s your Friday going?

3 thoughts on “The Friday Four

  1. Lunch time is my productive time too. I went through my old outlines not too long ago. Two of them are ready to be written up; I was surprised. As for some of the other ideas, I couldn’t even figure the basic plot out. I’m sure it was a good odes at the time. Oh well.

    I’ve never seen The Crow. You make it sound more interesting than most do.


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