Does weather play a big part when you’re coming up with ideas for settings?

Weather might not matter very much at all if the entire story takes place in someone’s bedroom or in Walmart or underground somewhere. On the other hand, weather could become a major factor in the setting: it can create or cause tension and suspense and it might even serve as a character of sorts, whether that character is the antagonist or the protagonist. Weather can reflect the character’s mood and create a certain atmosphere for the story.

When I write, I don’t think of weather when I’m planning the story or writing the first draft. I have never based a story’s premise on a weather situation, although plenty of people have and have done it well. I tend to think of weather as an afterthought, and I’d like to move away from that as I become a (hopefully) better writer.

If you want to throw in an element of suspense or an element of conflict, mess with the weather in your story. After all, you are playing God…

8 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Strangely enough the weather also has an effect on my desire to write… The wilder, colder, darker and wetter the weather the more I want to write. Creatively I think it really can put you in the mood to write and capture a mood that translates into your writing. Plus, I’m British and all we talk about is the weather!


  2. Ooo, thank you for reminding me about weather. I remember stuff like seasons or time of day, but rarely do I have it rain or be swelteringly hot just to make my characters a little more miserable. Good stuff!


  3. Funny coincidence, since I’m just starting to write a scene in my new story (the first one outdoors) and it suddenly occurred to me that it should be raining, that there isn’t enough raining in my stories.

    Well, there’s some, now that I think of it. But some more would be okay.

    There’s no big plan behind this — I think I just thought of it because it’s raining today. ๐Ÿ™‚


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