Choose Your Own Word Count

The first session of Camp NaNoWriMo starts on April 1 this year. The Office of Letters and Light has revamped it from the way it was run last year. The biggest change: The 50,000 word count is not mandatory. You can set your own word count anywhere from 10,000 to 999,999. (However, you still have to complete your piece in a month.) You are also no longer limited to writing a novel: You can choose to write a script or a collection of short stories… basically anything your writerly heart desires, so “rebels” are welcome.

I picked a word count goal of 35,000 for the story I’m planning to write, mostly because I really want to get used to writing shorter things. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve bit off more than I can chew with my great behemoth series, XIII, so I thought it would be a good break to write something completely different. Not to mention shorter.

This story, tentatively titled “City Offline,” is going to have no fantasy elements whatsoever (worldbuilding is exhausting). It’ll have just two main characters. I have already gotten to know them in previous stories I’ve written, so hopefully it’ll be fairly easy. As of now, I have an extremely vague outline and nothing else. Maybe I’ll “pants” my way through. I’m not sure yet, but as with all the NaNoWriMo events, I’m looking forward to “Camp” this year. 🙂

Are you going to participate in either the April or July session? What’s your word count goal?

6 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Word Count

  1. Since it’s my first time..I went for 20,000. I figured that I could at least do that much. I have a brief outline but have already started drafting the beginning..however, I believe I’ll be flying by the seat of my pants also.

    My NaNo name is still “crankycaregiver”. Hope I’ll see you there!


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