Some People Cannot Be Helped

This year, I have come to the conclusion (this probably should have been obvious to me a long time ago) that some people simply cannot be helped. It’s one thing to have a good friend or a significant other come to you to talk about problems every now and again. But there are other people who will constantly invent new issues, problems, or drama for you to “help” them with. Often, these people just want to be thrown a pity party. Or in other situations, they need serious psychological help that you may not be qualified to give them.

Trying to help a person who needs serious help for a serious problem will drain you (that is, if you do not have a degree in psychology/psychiatry). Thinking of your own health and wellbeing is important to, and if helping someone is causing you to lose sleep or lose a hold on your own mental health… there is definitely a big problem that you should realize you cannot solve.

The same is true for a person who continually causes or perpetuates drama and attempts to drag you into it. For people like this, who may not necessarily need mental help, the best thing you can do for yourself is to drop that person as a friend. Permanently. Yes, it’s painful and the person may hate you or hold a grudge forever. These are the kinds of people who ask for your advice, but do not listen and do not take it, yet continue to get themselves in the same frustrating situations over and over and ask you for advice again and again, until you finally grow frustrated.

Dropping people as friends with little or no warning may seem like a cold thing to do, but that’s just my two cents. Life is too short for you to be harassed and bombarded with issues.

One thought on “Some People Cannot Be Helped

  1. I remember realizing at one point, many years ago, that I had several friends who would always call me up to talk about their problems. Mostly not with good news and mostl without much interest in whatever was going on with me. It went along with “Oh, you’re a writer, you’ll want to hear about this.”

    I put a stop to that. Not abruptly, but firmly.


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