No Fear

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

Today’s WordPress daily prompt seems silly. From a completely realistic standpoint, fear is a necessary instinct. You need fear so that you don’t get killed or grievously injured in dangerous situations, sort of like if you didn’t feel pain, you wouldn’t know when to take your hand off the hot stove or stop petting that adorable cat who’s shredding your hand with her claws.

Like any human, I have a lot of fears (both rational and irrational)… and if those fears suddenly melted away, I’d probably get into embarrassing situations rather than deadly ones. I would speak my mind in front of anyone, which would lead to a lot of “wow, she actually talks?” and “I didn’t think she had such a dirty mind!” My life would get interesting quickly, but I would also create a lot more drama because of this “speaking my mind” thing. I would no longer be afraid of public speaking, which would allow me to pontificate at length on any topic and be oblivious to how much I’m boring or offending the other person.

So I’m not sure if my life would be entirely better or entirely worse. Probably a little of both, but mostly better. I could do or say whatever I wanted without the invisible chains of fear holding me back, but to counteract the fearlessness, I’d probably have to develop a heightened sense of danger or a greater virtue of prudence. With great power comes great responsibility… or whatever the appropriate saying is.

Happy Friday!

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