Guilty Pleasures

In my universe, there shouldn’t be such a thing as “guilty pleasures,” which are “guilty” because the unspoken understanding is that you should be ashamed of enjoying them. Many are afraid to admit they enjoy reality TV because it’s supposedly complete and utter garbage, but it continues to climb in popularity, and new reality TV shows appear every day, each crazier than the last. Some people must like it, so many people must have the same guilty pleasure.

Perhaps we don’t admit our guilty pleasures because we might be afraid that others might think we’re stupid or wasting our time or money on what we enjoy. But I always say that it shouldn’t matter what you like and what other people think about what you like (unless it’s illegal or causes harm to animals or people).

The real waste of time is feeling guilty about your pleasures. The other waste of time is worrying about what others like and don’t like. Life is too short for that. So if someone likes reality TV and it doesn’t seem to be turning into an unhealthy obsession or causing them to act as crazy as the personalities on the show, that’s their business.


4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. I remember seeing previews for the Jersey Shore when it first came out and thought it looked stupid…so I had to watch it to prove that I was correct. Well, I was correct, but I couldn’t look away for the whole season, no matter how hard I tried.


    1. That’s the magic of reality TV. It’s happened to me with Nanny 911, Preachers’ Daughters, and many others. Like a train wreck – you want to look away, but you just can’t.


  2. I’m in favor of all pleasure and no guilt (you know, unless your pleasure involves doing actual harm).

    Comic books, a Gothc soap opera from the late 1960s, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande singing in onesies, Resident Evil movies, superhero movies, that video where Taylor Swift and that guy sing “Blank Space” in a car — what’s to be guilty about?

    All the terrible things people are doing in the world these days and I’m the one who should feel guilty? 🙂


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