Poetry Time: Reflections

I stared at you through the mirror,

which would never work in reality.

You’d always catch my eyes,

like gleaming jewels in the light,

and toss them back at me

through the reflection.


This time, you did everything

you could to avoid my gaze.

You searched your pockets

for some long-forgotten sweet.

You fiddled around inside your

glove compartment, maybe read

some parts of the owner’s manual.


Maybe you discovered something

you’d never known before. Maybe

you looked to the mirror without

seeing my reflection and read those words:

Objects in the mirror are

closer than they appear.

Writing Prompt 760

How’s that for the blandest post title of all time? I found an interesting writing prompt on Tumblr:

You’ve been hearing the same odd sound in the middle of the night for a few nights now. Finally, you decide to investigate.

This prompt is just vague enough to be interesting. Is it an animal sound? A mechanical sound? An oddly musical sound? The ticking of the deathwatch beetle?

The first thing I thought of was that something under the house might be broken. A pipe might have sprung a leak, and the odd sound could be drops of water pattering onto a metal or a plastic object below. OK, that’s a really boring answer to a prompt, so I’m going to be more interesting than that.

The sound could be the bizarre music of tiny aliens that have overtaken the pipes of the house. They play their music every night at midnight to send a signal back to the mother ship.

The sound could be the house itself. In its own language, the house could be trying to tell you something about the people who lived there before you did. Maybe the house is a huge gossip and is just waiting for someone to hear the juicy stories of all the drama that went down among its former residents. But why would this occur in the middle of the night? Because that’s when most of the drama happened.

But to make it more applicable to me personally, the sound is probably just my characters being up to no good. I can’t imagine what they’d be doing, though. Maybe having a midnight party in my head? No wonder I wake up so woozy sometimes…

(As usual, I know I didn’t completely answer the prompt, but that’s what writing is all about, right? Not following the rules!)

Poetry Time: Words

February 8, 2011


I use that word way too much. My new favorite word is


and I used to like


a lot when I was in high school (I still use it often, though).

There are a few others I find myself ashamed that I am constantly using, such as


some other four-letter words

but I really like


because it sounds so pretentious and is used to talk about pretentious people talking.

My dad always likes to use


but I don’t really care much for it, although I find myself using it like it’s come to me through osmosis.


sounds good, is nice.