Girls in the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts recently admitted its first openly transgender member in the name of “equality,” “inclusivity,” “progress,” and a passel of other Orwellian buzzwords we throw around all the time these days. As we know it, gender lines in today’s society are being scrubbed out. Nobody really knows what gender or sexual orientation they are anymore, because it can change from week to week depending on the person’s feelings. If you visit the field of digital landmines that is Tumblr or play with the drop-down lists on Facebook, you can see the broad array of sexual orientations and gender statuses. It’s mind numbing.

So if a transgender child was allowed to join the Boy Scouts, why can’t a girl join? If she has served with the troop along with her brothers and friends, a simple thing like her gender (Or is it sex? I don’t know! I’m so confused!) shouldn’t be allowed to hold her back. If she wants to attain the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, why can’t she? Hmm… maybe because she’s a girl and the Boy Scouts is for boys?

Perhaps the simple solution would be to abolish the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, then combine the two under a single organization that would admit all children, regardless of their gender, sex, sexual orientation, and so on. You could have your delicious popcorn and your scrumptious cookies and never have to worry ever again that someone is being excluded. The kids could reach whatever prestigious ranks they wanted to, and they could also gain leadership skills while being distracted by peers of the opposite gender sex gender sex (I give up).